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Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa includes puzzle stages. This page lists some information about it.


The puzzle is the three in a row game. In short, main idea of the game is to clear Panels by connecting three matching Panels either horizontally or vertically. Each time you clear Panels, you fill Happy Meter. You'll win when you fill Happy Meter completely.


Panels come in five different Attributes namely Fire, Tears, Love, Greed and Peace. Each character has his/her favorite attribute. Obstacle Panels can't be moved, but they're cleared when you clear any adjacent Panels.

Character Favourite Attribute
Nanami Fire
Honoka Tears
Shuji Greed
Yukino Love
Wakaba Greed
Chinatsu Peace

Also, if you obtained an SP Word of Target, Obstacle Panels will be changed to SP Panels during Kotodama. When cleared, SP Panels fill Happy Meter much faster than usual panels. SP Word is different for different Targets.


When you clear panels, the Challenge Gauge fills, which increases the Challenge Count. You can issue a Challenge by spending one Challenge Count to increase your number of Moves.

Name % of success Recovers
"Ball" 90% 1 move
Feather 60% 2 moves
Electricity 40% 3 moves
Ice 30% 5 moves

If you fail a challenge, your Target will launch a Hindrance Attack, which is different for different characters.

Character Hindrance Attack
Nanami Blocks some Panels from warping and swapping; blocked Panel can be freed if your clear adjacent Panels.
Honoka Resets entire board by discarding all Panels and replacing them with new ones.
Shuji Changes some Panels to dummy one - they can be moved, but can't be matched with other Panels.
Yukino Reduces Happy Meter.
Chinatsu Blocks some Panels from warping and swapping; blocked Panel can be cleared if your clear adjacent Panels. Unlike Nanami, blocked Panel is cleared, not just freed.

Special Panels

If you clear a bunch of Panels in a combo, a random Special Panel will appear.

Type Description
Bomb Clears all panels horizontally and vertically adjacent to its location.
Count Lock Prevents number of moves from decreasing for three moves.
Power Increases Kotodama damage.
Roulette Clears all Panels of a randomly selected Attribute.