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Yukino Tsubaki (椿 ユキノ) is a character of Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa.


Considered by many at Fujisawa Academy as being nothing but a spoilt rich kid, Yukino Tsubaki is best described as... 'frosty'. You certainly shouldn't get on the wrong side of her - which is exactly what Nanami Kagura, your best friend on campus, has done. It's safe to say these two hate each other with a passion. Fact is though, underneath her hard exterior, when you get her on her own, Yukino can be really nice - so why does she find it so hard to show it?

Nice as she may be, that doesn't mean she has nothing to hide. Like why does she keep sneaking into the Academy after dark? And more to the point, who is she meeting there... and why?


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